For a poem written in relatively recent times, of 1991; ‘No More Boomerang’, by Ondgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker) is extremely pertinent – not just for, or in relation to the changes in Indigenous lifestyle, but ALMOST quite prophetic in terms of how contemporary society has become now, 15 years into the 21st century!  To the blog writer, ‘No More Boomerang’ almost serves as criticism of a consumerist and what is now an ever-expanding capitalist culture – no matter how much some members of society would criticise this.

That is, Ms Walker appears to lament a disappearing way of life, for what would have been a more-or-less primitive mode of existence and therefore very simple and un-stressed.  Most of the first lines, in each stanza, describe what the Indigenous peoples were used to (probably still are, in the very traditional lands); and then, the juxtaposition of how we live in modern times:

 No more sharing                                                                                                 What the hunter brings                                                                                        Now we work for money,                                                                                     Then pay it back for things.

For bloggist, at least; this is prophetic – looking in retrospect, to what one remembers from early 1990’s and to what the world (Western world, at least), has become.  Not only does Ms Walker see the irony of how the world is changing (how can one tell, if it is even for the better – that is just what the population will be told) – but, so many other individuals one knows also lament the simplicity of bygone times.

HOWEVER, the point is, no matter how much people tend to question as to how materialistic we all are – they simply do continue to live that way!  For instance, in bloggist’s experience, only in the last week; at volunteer role one attends to, there was client who needed to come in and use our charity’s free phone service.  He lamented that when he tells others he has no mobile phone, “people look at me weirdly”.  Also just as recently, someone questioned the need for social networking and to “remember, how 20 years ago, we didn’t even have it!”.  Point is, we CAN get by without these newfangled items – but, we will buy into it and continue to do so, as long as the allure of marketing keeps advancing at the same rate.

In ‘No More Boomerang’, there is no more going back to a simplistic, naturalistic way of life – no matter how much the Indigenous, or others in our contemporary society will reflect on this and the disappearing way of life.  Overall, from the Indigenous perspective, the poem is indicative of the system that the white settlers brought in – and how this one system order, will ultimately control one and all, regardless of culture.

 We’re so ingenious
We can walk on the moon

Julian Lennon – Saltwater Lyrics