For what it is worth, one realised that I have not walked-the-walk, and done bugger-all, in regards to photo-sharing (and this was due yesterday!).  Anyway, as writer is (non-actively) signed-up to Pinterest – I do admit to being hypocrite, in that I only signed-up, like Twitter, because some competition T’s&C’s stated I must be a subscriber – this might be worth a shot… in photo-sharing.  Internationale Jurgendbibliothek (English:  International Youth Library), in Munich, GER, is apparently the biggest Library in the world dedicated to children; and was visited, by writer, in 2012.

There is whole wing, named after Michael Ende, original writer of ‘The Neverending Story… which would have been one of the first ever movies writer saw, back in the distant, sepia-tinted, whole other world (without all the gadgetry of today), of the childhood days of the 1980’s.  And actually, I have never read the novel, as back as a five, or six year-old, did not really care, or scrutinise whether it was based on originally on a book.  Only when writer got to International Youth Library, did I read up on that it ‘The Neverending Story’, was actually written by this German author, Mr Ende.

Just as this Posting, will not make much difference, to the end result; personally, photo-sharing websites admittedly do not do much to sway one to think differently, or admire anything in particular.  While the standard cliche, ‘picture paints a thousand words’ was previously mentioned, it is only actions that really do speak louder, than both words, and pictures (for writer, anyway).  Viewing these Library pictures, on Pinterst, is just not the same, as visiting there… and unfortunately, if I never get the chance to go anywhere else, then I just have to miss out… I will not use the forced contrivance of viewing things through photo-sharing, as a substitute.  

Penultimately, just wanted to share one amusing thing (in my opinion, at least) about another photo-sharing.  Because I assumed something like the Youth Library would have been available on the ‘oh-so-cool’ Tumblr – which it did not seem to be – upon attempting to sign up, I chose my user-name as NoNoNo,  I.e. with apologise to A. Winehouse, my choice of this username came from:  ‘They tried to make me sign up to Tumblr, but I wanted no, no, no’.

Tumblr said, this username was already taken, or unavailable… and therefore suggested ‘ultranonono’ – hey, which was is even better (Tumblr not realising my intent).  ULTIMATELY: 

                                                                                   In class I’ve been bad

                                                                                   But when to my own world I go back,

                                                                                   To blogging, I won’t go, go, go.