… actually, is one allowed to mention some of these chemicals, in an increasingly PC world?  May offend.  Yes, the title sounds like semi-plagiarism of lyrics of QOTSA’s ‘Feel Good hit of the Summer’ lyrics , to those very vocal fans of said band, in the Information and Cultural Services Class.  However, as writer is about to embark on cramming in for Posting, for Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement assessment; I should point out that, for my purposes, and in the long-run, my own benefit (in order to fit into society), there really ought to be a tablet created, where one can get a complete turn-about, of looking at things, and changing one’s stubborn opinion.  I.e. just as athletes take steroids, to help them perform better at physical sports; and celebrities/rock-stars snort, or inject other stimulants, merely to be in the ‘in-crowd’, and say the right things, and be more personable, to win over casting agents/talent scouts… then writer would need to take a Self-Brainwashing Pill, that in time  (YES, IN TIME, DUE COURSE… as all medication must work over the long-term, to take some sort of effect), would alter my view-points, and convince myself to see things as otherwise I would not have seem them.  Primarily, that using Social Media, on cyberspace, is an activity I would really love… when I do not even enjoy socializing in-person!  Presumably, procedure for this already exists, called Lobotomy… however, a simple pill, would be non-invasive, and for miser like me – affordable!  Where is this leading???  I really must psych myself up, in order to complete my Posts, for WordPress… and this waffling on, and on maybe helps me procrastinate a little… while at the same time actually doing something.

Anyway, the only Library connection here, is that it is being completed at Burwood Library, three days, before due, date… with Library patron to the left of me, not even looking at computer, but rather furiously texting away, on mobile; little school kids, to the right, playing Minecraft, and being told my Librarians to “keep quiet”.  And, finally for what it is worth, Marijuana in title refers to what a lot of people mistake my name for… as proper Yugoslav-based name is Marijana… as nearly everyone who is not of that background totally mispronounces it… then ‘Marianne’ is the Anglicised version.  Call me whatever you want… my Bakulic Self-Brainwashing tablet, for want of better name, is the cure for someone like me, who often gets in trouble, for being ‘anti-social’, and preferring to walk to the beat of my own drum!