Prior to officially making any more blogs, I would need to get my facts right, and make few corrections to previous blogs:

*  Regarding Coldplay competition, and the winning of free tickets to their London gig; yes, winners do have to find song lyrics, hidden in random books around the world… not physical golden tickets.  Need to get the ‘golden tickets’, out of head – they do not exist… and there is no pot of gold at end of rainbow.

*  On theme of destinies, we ARE NOT WANNABE LIBRARIANS, but GONNA-BE LIBRARIANS!!!  Yes, OR any other related profession, within the GLAMosphere – or maybe even working in little book-shop, somewhere, someday, by the seaside…

*  Now, regarding acknowledging graphic, of Coldplay song lyrics… hey, if I can post it on Facebook willy-nilly, then I can do it here, too!  Anyway, they are re-following me back on Twitter, so it cannot be all bad… am not fussed, & acknowledge I am hypocrite, because am somewhat against all that stuff (but, do not like fobbing people off, just like that); and just went into Twitter to get idea of what their clues are like.

*  On my constant misgivings of social media, and social networking, etc, admittedly it all stems from me not just being a ‘people person’ – although, this cannot be used as an excuse.  Therefore, whatever one tells me in-person, makes no difference to their often high-horse soap-boxing on-line… whether right, or wrong, and whether I agree with their stance, or not!  I have been reprimanded previously for giving entire Toastmasters speech (http://www.toastmasters.org.au/), on why animals were created better than humans.  Apparently, some found this offensive, and have even told it is sinful – as ”God created people in his own image, not animals”.  To be fair, I did not pin-point anyone in the audience, it was all very general… so, as far as I am concerned, everyone is in the same boat, with me.  I believe, with conviction, that some, or even most animals, make me more effortlessly happy, than humans – so, as supposedly former student Eleete, said in one of the classes – one can be an equal opportunity bigot, by ‘hating’ everyone equally.  Not too say I hate anyone, just that I am indifferent to most people… I do not care enough to hate; or get offended anymore by what others say, or do!

What has this got to do with social media?  For instance, I have come across some (often leftist-leaning individuals), who claim they are totally against racism in this country, and all for letting refugees in, etc; and yet, will totally discriminate in other ways – such as belittling, or completely fobbing people off, who do not fit the bill of their clique!  Hang on, you are meant to be open to, and accepting of ANYONE, right?  I agree, this is hard to do, so that is why I do not place much emphasis on social media, and networking etc – if the world has survived without it, in days gone by; then it is possible to live without it in the future

All-in-all, Marianne’s theme song social media, in all its forms:

                                                                                                You got nothing I want
                                                                                                You got nothing I need

Music by Cold Chisel; words by Jimmy Barnes.

On getting carried away with song lyrics, and on socialising in-person:

                                                                                                 With you pernickety little bastards in your fancy dress,
                                                                                                 Who just judge each other and try to impress…

Words, and music by James Blunt.

But, I do have fond memories of the time, I actually responded to my first ever ‘invite’ to join Facebook, by my first ‘friend’ on Facebook (PROPER FRIEND, IN REAL LIFE – most others are just mere acquaintances on FB, and I refer to them that way) – Katerina.  FORTUNATELY, she was the first friend – TRAGICALLY she is the first to die, of those connected to me.  ‘Oooh, poor Katerina’ most would say, right – to pass away, so young, at 39?  Katerina, had stunted growth, and a form of mongoloid deformity (due to life-long illnesses).  Stony silence, and the politely unspoken ‘Not so cute, after all’, therefore diminished sympathy, right?

Examples of this, are at the crux, of why I, AT LEAST, FIND animals better than people.  As per quote:

“You can please some of the people some of the time all of the people some of the time some of the people all of the time but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”  By former U.S. Pres. Abraham Lincoln.

With animals, I do not worry about these things (or should that have been put, in allotted Word Press quotes section?).

*  Finally, for what it is worth… apologies to fellow class-mate Lesley Dillon, for mentioning two posts had already made in her WP – posts were made in WSI ePortfolio – sorry Lesley, for the confusion (now that I am familiar, with the differences in posts on ePortfolio, and WP!!!).

Really, FINALLY (not a correction, apology, or anything), but NEED TO INCLUDE song lyrics, from one of THE BEST WRITTEN SONGS OF ALL TIME – in my opinion.  Basically, for me some of the most profound experiences have been with either the homeless, or destitute on Sydney (or even overseas) streets.  It is no cliché, that sometimes these people have lots more to offer, than all those cashed-up hipsters postulating at places like TEDx, and the like.  That is why I have based my main Library assignment on Homelessness, and to end with the very visionary lyrics, of ‘Mr. Wendal’, by U.S. band Arrested Development (one of the last songs I literally cried to, during their gig at Sydney Festival first FREE [YAY!!!] night)

                                                                             Mr.Wendal has freedom,
                                                                             a free that you and I think is dumb
                                                                             Free to be without the worries of a quick to diss society
                                                                             for Mr.Wendal’s a bum

Music by Arrested Development; lyrics by Todd Thomas.


Once again, picture on my Facebook (obviously, from film-still, by Wolper Productions).