Being a fan of both public Libraries, & the band Coldplay (in that order), this is one of more interesting entertainment stories, of the year… so far!  Anyway, definitely reckon nearly everyone who cares, has heard about Coldplay hiding golden tickets in random books/novels, in up to nine public Libraries, throughout the world.  Apparently, six have already been found; latest being just today, apparently, in New Zealand.

Anyway, very specific clues are posted on Twitter (gosh, isn’t everything, these days… in the whole scheme of worldwide concerns, Twitter postings can be utterly irrelevant.  But mainly, it emphasises the point that we are all just so incredibly connected, more so than we need, or I really [want], to be).  Interesting times nonetheless, for staff working in those various libraries, in Mexico City, Singapore, Helsinki, blah, blah where tix have already been scored… and basically, for any pub. Library, anywhere – because, as one TV commentator mentioned – how many Librarians are now going to be hassled, to see if they have any clue, if it is even in their Library?!

Although, it is very much based on the scenario, of my favourite film of all-time – the original ‘Willy Wonka, & the Chocolate Factory’ (yes, I have read the novel, too), the competition is of no concern; as the prize includes winning free tix to see Coldplay perform at Royal Albert Hall, in London.  I try not to do anything twice, no matter how much I love it… that includes never watching the film again. However, as have already seen the band play at Splendour in the Grass music festival, in 2011 (tossing up whether to go this year, however do not want to spend $100’s to see line-up, which includes squirt like Lily Allen), and already visited R.A.H, for second last night of the Proms, during the halcyon northern hemisphere summer, of travelling around Europe in 2009 – I would be content to view this Library comp. from the side-lines.  Thanks all – enough waffling, now!