So, 1st offical Blog Post (because one has to do this…. tonight, apparently!!!). First things first, Marianne did not have time to log-in to into SLNSW computers on LG (there was only about 1 minute left to use free PC’s when I got there… mainly, because I had been doing other things, in the Lib; delaying using computers, in any case. yes I will admit. One minute, did not leave enough time to do ANYTHING… That is whay I am now in a relatively upmarket hotel, in Sydney CBD, using their PC; listening to Bladerunner give live evidence in S. African Court, on the CNN channel playing in the background in hotel foyer (hotel will remain unnamed, as it might incriminate the writer, as technically am not a guest here). Anyway, approaching 10.30pm, so will continue tomorrow (Tues’), if one makes it to a PC. Want to go, &; meet some Homeless people (yes, my main project with the Develop and Use Information Literacy Skills, is on Homelessness after all). At this point, though, the interface looks quite boring… will need to update this, when I upskill myself in this. For what it is worth, thank you!